Professor Andrew Beall (BIO)

My name is Andrew Beall. I am a Senior Lecturer of Biology at the University of North Florida. I teach a variety of lectures and labs including General Biology, Human Structure and Function, and Human Anatomy /Physiology. I have a great love of science fiction and was influenced at an early age to pursue science as a career. Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to develop classes for the UNF Honors Program. One of these classes, Alien Evolution, encompassed a broad variety of scientific disciplines including biochemistry, geology, paleontology, astrobiology, and evolution. These topics were used to educate students about the formation of life on Earth and to help them develop critical thinking skills in understanding and analyzing the formation of possible extraterrestrial life. Another class I developed was the Science of Star Trek. This was a seminar class where students got to choose an episode of Start Trek the original series (TOS) and research a particular scientific concept (such as warp drive) illustrated in the episode. After, each student gave a presentation illustrating the science and technology behind the concept and whether the episode was accurate in its portrayal. At the end of the semester, students had the opportunity to create their own Star Trek episode which demonstrated a scientific or technological concept of their own choosing.