Doug Hobart (BIO)

Doug Hobart seems to have been born in the limelight, even if he had to make most of it himself. He spent his early years as a traveling performer, built his own spook show from scratch, became a makeup man for film and television, developed advertising campaigns for films and somehow found time to get married, raise a family, and hold down regular jobs.

Doug is best known for to cult movie fans playing the mummy Tartu in Death Curse of Tartu and the jellyfish monster in Sting of Death for director Bill Grefe. He was also associate producer on Grefe’s Impulse starring William Shatner. He worked with and was good friends with Lon Chaney Jr. Today he is the last living Ghost Master - these were people who traveled the country putting on spook shows in local theaters. Doug's act was one of the few that was made up entirely of horror skits as opposed to mostly magic acts with slightly horror related themes. Doug spent over two decades working with a who’s who of psychotronic cinema including K. Gordon Murray, Barry Mahon, Brad Gr inter, and Veronica Lake. He recently published his autobiography, From Circus to Cinema, that chronicles his truly unique life and career.