Ron Kivett (BIO)

I came from modest beginnings, growing up on a farm in rural Indiana. Reading and writing were difficult for me, making school a struggle. Later, I would learn that I was dyslexic. My childhood would have been a lot easier if my parents and teachers had known what dyslexia was and how to deal with it. Back then, people just labeled you "dumb". I had to find my own way and taught myself how to read. The first book I was able to read from cover to cover was the Mastermind of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs. I guess it is no accident that my readers tell me my writing is reminiscent of Burroughs. That book took my mind to unknown worlds and introduced me to amazing characters. I hope my writing is able to do the same for my readers.

I first started my filmmaking career when I was a freshman in high school, winning a blue ribbon for photography. In the many years since high school, I have written treatments for such television shows as Wonder Woman, Salvage One, Battlestar Gallactica, and Fantasy Island, and have produced two episodes of That’s Incredible. I was the chief investigator and co-producer for a UFO documentary syndicated by CBS for cable television release. I wrote the screenplay for Zaat, a locally produced monster movie that premiered in 1972 and is still playing somewhere in the world tonight. (If you are curious, watch the alternate title Bloodwaters of Doctor Z on Mystery Science Theater 3000.) In addition to co-writing the screenplay I designed and built the monster costume, acted as the technical director, and shot most of the underwater footage in the film. I have written and produced a radio show called Tales of Strange Things. And I also served as executive producer of Your Wildest Dreams, directing and writing four episodes of the television series.

I think I am most proud of the opportunity to create Your Wildest Dreams. It gave some very talented young people an opportunity to showcase their talents in this field, leading to bigger and better opportunities for most of the kids. We produced 13 episodes of quality work. And some of those young people have now gone on to do great things. Look up William (Bill) Boston in IMDb and you'll see what I mean.

My wife, Christine, and I currently live in Saint Augustine, Florida with 3 rescue cats. (Would you like to adopt one?)


UFO information.

I was nine years old when I first became interested in flying saucers. I was back in 1952. I live in Martinsville Indiana at the time and back in the 50s the area around Martinsville was a real flying saucer hotspot. I remember there was a time when families would pack a picnic basket with a six-pack on a couple lawn chairs and go out and sit underneath the set of high power lines not far from where I lived. For several nights in a row like saucers would come down those lines and set power out of them. My stepdad wouldn’t take me down to see them because he said that was a bunch of foolishness.

When I was 15 I had my first close encounter and it changed my life. Since then I’ve conducted investigations with some of the finest names in the flying saucer business. I did an investigation here in Hastings with J. Allen Hynek and Tracy investigator Ted Phillips. I believe I’m on the aliens watch list, and if you come to my lecture I’ll tell you why.